January 25, 2009

Book- The book of lost things

This book is one of an amazing bed time stories for teens and adults, It tells about a kid who find a land beyond his mind. Everything he know about fairytail, are diffrent then he thought it was going to be in that land. Great way to tell all the details; time, places, emotion and everything. Unique things written, and waiting to be read!

January 23, 2009

Hugo Boss- Energize

Be active, be energize! Fit for those who's sporty!

Mount Blanc- Starwalker

Feel like a star!

Escada- Sunset Heat

Full of heat, sweet and sexy... Wanna feel sexy? Try this fragrance!

Hilary Duff- With Love

Davidoff- Cool Water

This fragrance will never die. It's one of an old fragrance that still exist and still awesome to be used until nowadays... Worth using!
A touch of softness yet fresh, and also cool as ice!